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ZFTB Long-range Highlighting Bright Lube Childrens Battery Inspection Lamp Holster Flashlight Glare Charging Super Bright Multi-function Outdoor LED Long-range Portable Hunting Lights Upgrade
  • ★ Anti-wear, non-slip pocket design, suitable for outdoor camping, hiking, boating, fishing, power outage and emergency outdoor LED flashlights.
  • ★The non-slip handle design makes this flashlight ideal for use in rain, snow or other emergencies. It can also be used on wet or rainy days.
  • ★ Suitable for your hands or pockets. Compact, it fits easily into your pocket wherever you go. Non-slip design and waterproof, suitable for a variety of outdoor applications in severe weather conditions, practical and safe.
  • ★LED flashlight body is made of high quality aluminum alloy material with firm structure and high efficiency. The output is a high LED chip.
  • ★ Length: 15.5 cm, maximum brightness (maximum luminous flux): 350 lumens or more, maximum range: 500 meters and above, weight: 240 grams, data is manually measured, there is error, please understand
ZFTB Outdoor Flashlight LED28 Camping Hiking Mountaineering Waterproof SLT-P014 Waterproof Light Daily Tools Waterproof Flashlight
  • ★ER DURABLE:The body of this torch is built of high quality aluminum alloy aero grade,strong military grade hard anodized.Special
  • ★Safety hammer head design for self-help in emergencies. You can use it to defend yourself, break glass, or alert emergency services with the SOS function.
  • ★PORTABLE MINI SIZE: fits well in your hand or pocket. Compact to fit easily into your pocket wherever you go. Skid-proof design & waterproof for multiple outdoor uses in adverse weather conditions.comfortable and safe.
  • ★This high-quality CREE LED Torch supports distance with easy-controlled head-pulling zoom and easy mode-switch by light taps of button. You can adjustable focus range for different usage, stretching to adjust its focus and get spot beam and flood beams you need.Super bright zoomable focus perfect for distant observation and wide range illumination.
  • ★LIGHT MODES CAN BE EASILY CONVERTED: A full-press to switch on and off and a half-press to cycle through lighting modes (a rapid off-on press also cycles lighting modes).Convenient for your using.
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