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JUAN Measuring Instrument, 30M / 98FT Mini Rangefinder High Precision Handheld Measuring Room Electronic Ruler USB Charging
  • 1. High precision: This digital rangefinder can provide accurate and fast measurement results to meet your measurement requirements. Digital tape measure sizes range from 0.1 feet to 100 feet with an accuracy of 1mm, which is fast, accurate and effective.
  • 2. Multiple functions and modes: manual tape measure with level meter supports continuous measurement function Pythatile measurement function, area measurement function, volume measurement function, plus and minus measurement function, and tool digital coverage is widely used
  • 3. LCD display: IR measurement tools are widely used in home decoration and engineering, construction, real estate, gardening, urban planning, water conservancy engineering monitoring, etc.
  • 4. Save money: Our hand-held rangefinder is equipped with a 200 mAh rechargeable lithium battery and a USB cable, and can be automatically turned off for 15 seconds without charging, and without automatic shutdown for 45 seconds.
  • 5. We guarantee strict testing of each grade of electronic tape before packaging. If you have any questions, please contact us to resolve your issue.
JUAN Mini Measuring Instrument, High Precision Handheld Measuring Room Electronic Ruler, Length And Volume Are 30 Meters
  • 1. Intelligent calculation and higher accuracy: The rangefinder can calculate automatically using error reporting technology. The device can switch freely between M / In / Ft, with an accuracy of ± 1/16 inches, and a measurement range of up to 98 ft (30 m) to meet your general measurement needs
  • 2. Wide range of applications: level gauges with multiple measurement modes, such as distance / volume / area measurement, continuous measurement and Pythagoras measurement
  • 3. Lightweight and portable: Only 20 grams, very portable, lightweight and compact design provides a good sense of operation. Backlit LCDs have better visibility in low light conditions.
  • 4. Professional measurement: high precision measurement range up to 98 Ft. Suitable for length, area, volume, Pythagoras, space (two-point distance) measurement. Sensitive electronic level measurement is also available.
  • 5. Safety: Output power is less than 1mW. If you have any questions, feel free to email us. We will reply within 24 hours and wish you a happy shopping.
JUAN Mute Rangefinder with Bubble Level Backlight LCD Pole Mode Portable Infrared Meter 40 Meters Indoor And Outdoor Universal
  • 1. The instrument's rangefinder has an advanced electronic angle sensor built-in, with single, continuous, area, volume, Pythagorean theorem and other measurement methods.
  • 2. Places of use: construction, interior decoration, road planning, warehouse logistics, house acceptance and other industries
  • 3. Efficient and accurate professional multi-data storage refers to which test does not need to run the build, saving time and convenience. Electronic angle sensor large infrared cursor is more accurate
  • 4. Auto-calibration of multiple modes. B. Automatically turn off the waterproof and dust-proof core functions of the spectrometer lens (sensor chip).
  • 5. Full-featured, one-click height measurement, angle measurement, imported optical focusing lens processor and large optical lens combination, imported optical lens with stable speed
JUAN Ultrasonic Range Finder, Handheld Electronic Ruler, Portable Mini Tape Measure, Digital Range Finder
  • 1. Product function Ultrasonic rangefinder is a tool that can be used for home decoration, calculating the volume of air conditioners, real estate agents or construction workers, and the need to quickly measure the room and the room area
  • 2. Ultrasonic range finder is called "electronic tape measure" in foreign countries. Suitable for construction, decoration, engineering and other places. It can measure the weight of traditional tape measure
  • 3. Precautions during measurement. When measuring, the body and wall (obstacles) should be kept as vertical as possible
  • 4. If there is something that will absorb the frequency during the measurement, such as curtains, carpets, wallpaper, etc., it will affect the accuracy of the measurement; at the same time, there is no obstacle between the two points to avoid affecting the measurement accuracy
  • 5. The instrument uses 9V alkaline batteries instead of rechargeable batteries. Do not charge the instrument; the instrument must not be dropped, touched, or entered into water. Non-maintenance personnel are not recommended to disassemble this study
JUAN Ultrasonic Rangefinder, Digital Handheld Rangefinder Electronic Gauge LCD Display Altimeter Portable Volume Measurement Tool 18M
  • 1. You can easily measure distance, area and volume with a rangefinder. Ultrasound equipment is perfect for home renovations, buying air-conditioned computing areas, real estate agents or construction workers
  • 2. Test the ultrasonic instrument from the bottom of the machine obstacle, not from the top. If the top is a standard distance, you will find that the actual distance always exists
  • 3. Use a wall to measure time as vertically as possible. In particular, the longer the distance, the higher the vertical accuracy of the measurement data. The bigger the angle, the bigger the error
  • 4. Unit of measurement: m / in / ft. Easy alignment with a bright red laser pointer. Battery status indication. Auto / manual shutdown function
  • 5. Tip: If it is one month or more, please do not remove the battery, unless the battery can be used for a long time without leaking the damaged instrument.
JUAN Digital Measuring Instrument, 100M Portable Rangefinder Rangefinder Handheld Rangefinder Pythagorean Graphics
  • 1.Adjust the measurement reference point Press to switch the reference point between the front and back of the instrument
  • 2. The distance measuring press presses the trigger distance measurement again
  • 3. Continuous measurement (min / max) long button activates continuous measurement. → The measured maximum and minimum distances will be shown on the display
  • 4. Press the volume measurement twice and the symbol appears in the function bar of the display. Take the first distance measurement (e.g. length)
  • 5. Calculate the measured value Press 3 times to activate the function, the symbol will appear in the displayed function bar
JUAN Ultrasonic Rangefinder Portable Measuring Instrument Handheld Electronic Level Spirit Level Pocket Decoration Measuring Instrument
  • 1. [Function] Use ultrasonic to accurately measure the vertical distance from a point to a specific surface. The internal temperature is automatically compensated, and the measurement distance is not affected by the ambient temperature
  • 2. [Ultrasonic Rangefinder User Guide] Install the battery: The rangefinder requires a 23A 12V battery. For better use and longer life, we recommend using alkaline batteries. Follow these steps to install the battery: in the direction of the battery compartment arrow
  • 3. [Stabilization of rangefinder] This instrument is sensitive to temperature and humidity. Please wait 15 to 30 minutes until the rangefinder stabilizes to room temperature. Turning on the rangefinder To turn on the instrument, press the black button on the side of the instrument. One-touch distance measurement makes it easy to display the screen even in dim light. When the voltage is stable, you can see the ambient temperature at that time
  • 4. Measurement techniques] Some curtains will absorb sound waves, causing the meter to be inaccurate. If you are taking measurements in a room with curtains, place the curtains on the other side of the window before closing the window. If there are obstacles in the measurement distance, the ultrasonic measurement data is incorrect, such as a table, chair or other obstacle
  • 5. Product Specifications Battery: The units of the 23A 12V meter are feet and meters. Accuracy 0.005 + 1 Frequency: 40 kHz Measurement range: 0.50 to 20 meters
JUAN Mini Rangefinder, 131Ft 40M USB Charging Measurement M/in/Ft Measurement Tool with Backlit LCD Digital Display Measurement
  • 1. Accuracy: 0.002m, plus or minus 2mm, battery polymer: 200 mA, can measure 2000 times for half an hour
  • 2.00.5 seconds fast test HD backlight is clear and bright 18 expert masters, dustproof and splashproof, easy to handle and carry reasonable data storage
  • 3. Multi-core processor and optical lens greatly improve the measurement efficiency of the room and reduce the workload
  • 4. The high-definition backlight is clear and bright. During the measurement, the backlight function of the screen is automatically turned on, which makes the measurement data display clearer and facilitates the measurement work.
  • 5. One machine controls 15 functions, comfortable soft rubber keys, practical 5 healthy designs, practical and convenient simple functions
JUAN Distance Measuring Instrument, 150M / 492Ft Rangefinder for Multi-Functional Portable Measurement, Maximum Volume Calculation 40 / Min 0.03
  • 1. Features: industrial remote multi-function rangefinder, one-button measurement, 2 seconds reading, plus or minus 1.5 mm error. The large four-line LCD display and backlit display can be easily read in dim environments.
  • 2.W150 distance 5800 120m horizontal bubble LCD start / single measurement / continuous measurement key plus / minus / unit key 2Whether the People's Party of China soil area / volume / pythagoras data storage / function setting m / sec Fi Rc measurement reference side / Display backlight key clear / off button
  • 3.Technical parameters: The maximum measurement distance is 80M, 100M, 120M, 150M, and the measurement accuracy is ± 1.5mm
  • 4. Storage temperature range -25 ° C to 60 ° C Operating temperature range 0 to 40 ° C (32 to 104 ° F) Maximum battery life measurement Using battery 1.5V 2 * AAA can perform 4,000 times
  • 5. Optional reference: consider the length of the device-you can change the reference point between the front and back of the device
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