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Gaoominy Leather Craft Retaining Clip Wood Tools Hand Tool Set Table Desktop Stitching Sewing Lacing Pony Horse Clamp Tools
  • Convenient and simple,two positioning holes.Made of high quality of beech and steel,sturdy and durable in use.With the design of hook &loop,not to damage the desktop,but also can be fixed to the desktop firmly.Weight:355g
  • Assembly method:Put the hook& loop on the desktop,suggest putting the weight on it for 1-2 hours,then can be used.Press the bottom of the wooden clamp on the hook& loop of desktop.
  • Easy to fix the leather products,which make you have a smooth experience in sewing stitching lacing.An indispensable tool for leather lacing,for sewing or for any other uses requiring that missing third hand.
  • Insert the stainless steel U type card into the bottom slot.After the pressure is over,the wooden clip sticks firmly,not shake (note:the u-shaped card Inserted can't let the bottom out of the hook &loop surface,or it will be not fixed and easy to shake).
Gaoominy 6pcs Carbide oscillating Tool Saw Blade Accessories for Renovator Power Tool for multimaster for Small Concrete Cutting
  • Perfect for cutting hard objects such as concrete, cement, ceramic tiles, stone and so on.
  • Provide great durability, long service life and fast cutting speed.
  • Great accessory for cutting plastics, wood, putty, brass, bronze and sheet metal.
  • High quality and brand new multi blade tools with the newest inner hole saw blade (all-purpose flower hole).
  • High hardness, high wear resistance and excellent impact resistance.
Gaoominy Cutting Head B for Wbt-1 Fabric Electric Scissors Cloth Cutter
  • Electric Scissors is widely used in families or various factories that need cutting 0-10MM(depend on materials) .
  • By adopting tungsten steel blade, it is in durable service.
  • Low consumption and high energy efficient.
  • It is convenient and portable, chargeable and electric plugged.
  • With low noise, favorable heat emission, anti-fatigue, and strong continuous work capacity.
Gaoominy 100w 28khz Ultrasonic Cleaning Transducer Cleaner High Performance +Power Driver Board 220vac Ultrasonic Cleaner Parts
  • 4.On the other hand, the larger one of the two silver layers is the positive one and the smaller one is the negative one.When welding the power cord, it must be soldered on the side with two silver layers , The other side of the vibration surface,can be affixed to the wash basin under (this is purchased ceramic transducer components described);
  • ceramic sheet is not resistant to high temperature silver, soldering the power cord when the temperature does not exceed 280 degrees,the most Good use of constant temperature iron, the iron temperature can be set to 250 degrees.5.Shock head on the larger side (with a screw hole) for the vibration surface can be stuck in the wash basin at the end of the wash basin to a reliable grounding.
  • Circuit board and the first vibration (ceramic chip transducer) wiring instructions:1.Circuit board shall not be empty power;2.No cleaning fluid cleaning;3.Shock the first two lugs, the middle of the two pieces of ceramic sheet for the positive electrode, by the upper and lower metal column for the negative, may not be reversed
  • Board radiating surface.homogeneous sounding board. Ultrasonic cleaning transducer Cleaner
  • 6.Earthquake head or transducer ceramic tile application head adhesive firmly affixed to the bottom of the wash basin;7.Two shock head parallel connection to the circuit board terminal, a circuit board up to two with the first shock, but also with a shock supporting the use of.8.Circuit board wiring diagram is as follows:Positive and negative output pole respectively positive and negative polar link, can not pick the wrong question in time advice, to ensure safety
Gaoominy 80kg Load Tool Panel Carrier Gripper Handle Carry Drywall Plywood Sheet ABS for Carrying Glass Plate Gypsum Board and Wood Board
  • Woodworking lift plate device, increases arm length and work efficiency.To prevent scratches, more secure and save worry
  • Flexible glue handle, skidproof and easy to hold
  • TRP soft rubber anti-slip handle, comfortable to hold. Specially designed to prevent decoupling, limit the plate to prevent slippage. With strong slotted pull on both sides, it is safe and labor-saving. It has a perfect angle to the waistline. It separates the hand from the lifter and is safe to use.
  • Features:
  • Can work on 4cm maximum thick plank and 80kg maximum weight plank
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