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Balight Portable Mini Flat Cross Head Screwdriver Precision Casting Steel Outdoor Tools Key Chain Accessories
  • ▶ Material ------ Made of Precision casting steel: When you are need to repair things outdoors, what you need may be the portable screwdriver, which is so easy to carry. At this time, you could use these screwdrivers
  • ▶ Easy to Carry ------ These screwdrivers, the shape of the simple keys, allows you to clip it to your waist or storage it inside your pocket. As a result, anytime you need the screwdrivers, they are within your reach
  • ▶ Feature 1 ------ It comes with the flat head screwdriver and the cross head screwdriver, which are often used when you need to repair things
  • ▶ Feature 2 ------ The top part of the screwdrivers are designed to become flat to afford a firm and comfortable hold when you are holding it
  • ▶ Really Practial ------- This EDC tool can be your good companion when you are outdoors and your helper once you face the problem
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